Chan’s Police drama beats box-office…

With the eastern release of Police Story 2013 having taken place over Christmas, Jackie Chan now has a busy year ahead of him…


Just in time, given its title, Christmas Eve saw the eastern release of Jackie Chan’s latest project Police Story 2013 directed by Ding Sheng (Big Soldier Little General) in both Imax & 3D. The film made an impressive $45m making it China’s final box-office champion of the year.

The film – which isn’t related to the original Police Story series – features high impact fight and stunt choreography by Jackie and his team, along with some impressive car stunts from pyrotechnic and vehicular ‘master of mayhem’ Bruce Law. The film also stars Liu Ye, Huang Bo, Jing Tian, Zhang Lanxin (the TKD starlet who was a highlight of CZ12: Chinese Zodiac) , Wang Zhifei, Zhang Xiaoning and Guli Nazha…

The film’s story begins in a downtown Beijing bar where all the guests are taken hostage, including Interpol officer Zhong Wen (Jackie Chan) and his daughter Miao Miao. The mastermind behind the kidnapping looks familiar, it’s the bar’s owner Wu Jiang who demands the release of a highly dangerous criminal in exchange for the lives of Zhong’s daughter and the other hostages. Zhong has to break the law he’s sworn to uphold in order to save his daughter, but at what cost?

The film is now beginning its roll-out through other territories.

Meanwhile Chan is also producing a movie A Tale of 3 Cities, which has just started shooting in Anhui, China based upon the real life of his parents – Lau Ching-wan & Tang Wei will star. The film came about following the documentary Traces of the Dragon, about Jackie’s family which revealed that his father had been a spy during the war and his mother a gun-runner. It also revealed that Chan had only learned of his mother’s past at her funeral, when her children from her first marriage paid their respects. The film will document Jackie Chan’s family history, including the suffering his parents experienced both during the war against Japanese and the civil war.

IN addition, Chan will also be seen in a cameo appearance in Feng Xiaogang’s movie Personal Tailor, on which he is also acting as a producer and he is currently in pre-production for the English language action comedy Skiptrace with co-star Fan Bing-bing (soon to be seen in X-Men: Days of Future Past) and Sean William Scott (Stark Raving).

by Mike Leeder (Far Eastern Editor)