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D: Director, 2D: 2ND Unit Director AAC: Assistant Action Choreographer, AD: Action Director, SD: Stunt Director, SC: Stunt Coordinator, CD: Car Stunt Director, CC: Car Stunt Coordinator, SFXC: Special Effects Coordinator, SFXS: Special Effect Superviosr E: Pyrotechnics & Special Effects Coordinator, F: Stunt Coordinator for Fire Squence and Body Burn, A: Actor          
2014 Saving Mr. Wu Car Stunt Coordinator      
  Fading Wave Action Director      
  Ulterior Motive Action Director      
  A Monk in a Floating World Car Stunt Coordinator      
  Miss Granny Stunt Coordiantor      
  The Bodyguard Car Stunt Coordinator      
  Pound of Flesh Car Stunt Coordinator      
2013 The Crossing 2nd Unit Director SFX Director    
  Breakup Buddies Stunt Coordinator      
  Street of Fury Stunt Coordinator      
  Transformers: Age of Extinction Stunt Coordinator (HK)      
  Gone with the Bullets Action Director      
  The Great Hypnotist Stunt Coordinator      
  Kung Fu Killer Car Stunt Coordinator      
  Blackhat Stunt Coordinator (HK)      
  The Raid 2: Berandal Car Stunt Coordinator      
  The Uncle Victory Stunt Coordinator      
  The Dead End Action Director      
Iceman I Car Stunt Coordinator      
2012 Young and Dangerous: Reloaded Body Burn Stunt      
  Police Story 2013 Car Stunt Coordinator      
  Extreme Pursuit Action Director      
  3D Baby Blues Action Director      
  Man Of Tai Chi Car Stunt Coordinator      
  Together Stunt Coordinator      
  Special ID Car Stunt Coordinator      
2011 Chinese 12 Zodiac Car Stunt Coordinator SFX Coordinaotor    
  Racer Legend Action Director      
  The Four Fire Squence and Body Burn      
  The Flowers of War Action Director      
  Top Gear (China) Car Stunt Coordinator      
2010 Amazing (SC)      
  Underdog Knight 2 (AD)      
  The Law of Attraction (CD)      
  The Warring States (CD)      
  You Deserve to be Single (house stunt)      
  Lost on Journey (AD)      
  Inseparable (CC)      
2009 Choi San Dau (AD)      
  Spacked Out (AD)      
  Wind Blast (AD)      
  Split Second Murders (AD)      
2008 No Man Land (F)      
  The Beast Stalker (AD)      
  Rebellion (CC) (SFX)    
2007 Push (SFX coordinator HK) (SC)      
  I come with the rain (France) (SFXS)      
  Sniper (SC)      
  In Love Of The Dead (CC)      
  Mummy 3 (F)      
  Part Ocean, Part Flame (SFXS)      
  Home Run (SC)      
  Chaos (CC)      
  The Frist 7th Night (CC)   (A)  
  Return Home (SC) (E)    
  Flash Point (AD) (A)    
2006 Amazing Race (CC)      
  The Door (AD)      
  On The Edge (SC)      
2005 Crazy Stone (SC)      
  Mission Impossible 3 SFX Supervisor:China)      
2004 The Myth        
  Set To Kill (A)      
2003 A 1 (SC)      
  Shiver (SC)      
  Ze go ah ba zan bau za (SC)      
2002 Top Danger (SC)      
2001 Replacement Suspect (SC)      
  Fighting to Survive (CC)      
  Princess D (SC)      
  Visible Secret (CC)      
  Cop Shop Babes (CC)      
2000 Manhattan Midnight (CC)      
  Help! (SC)      
  Biu che ji che san chuen suet (CD)      
  True Love (CD)      
  Street Girl (CC) (E)    
  Killer (A)      
1999 Never Compromise (CC) (E)    
  Fist Power (E)      
  The Legend Of Speed (CC) (E)    
  The Masked Prosecutor (CD) (E) (E)  
  Pavilion Of Women (CC) (F)    
  Troblesome Night 6 (AD)      
  The Conmen In Vegas (CC) (E)    
  Troublesome Night 5 (SC)      
  Gen-X-Cops (CC) (F)    
  King Of Comedy (CC) (E) (A)  
  Gorgeous (SC) (E)    
1998 Hong Kong Night Club (CC)   (E)  
  The Eleventh Child (SC) (CC)    
  Extreme Crisis (F)   (CC) (F)
1997 Aces Go Places (D) (SC)    
  Troublesome Night (CC) (E)    
  SDU 97 (CC) (E)    
  Theft Under The Sun (E)      
  Walk In (CC) (E) (E)  
  Armageddon (SC) (CC)    
1996 Viva Erotica (SC) (E)    
  Shanghai Grand (F)      
  The Killer Has No Return (F)      
  Forbidden City Cop (CC) (E)    
  Another Chinese Cop (F)   (E)  
  Tristar (SC) (CC)    
  First Option (CC)      
1995 Our Neighbour Detective (SC) (E)    
  Red Zone (CC)      
  Police Confidential (E)      
  Girls in the Hood (F)      
  Legenary Couple (CC)      
  Romantic Dream (E)      
  Dream Lover (CC)   (A)  
  Man Wanted (CC) (E)    
  Teenage Master (E)      
  High Risk (CC) (F)    
  My Father Is Hero (CC) (E)    
  The Phantom Lover (CC) (E)    
  The Chinese Feast (F)      
  City Hunter (CC)      
  Thunderbolt (CC)   (A)  
  Full Throttle (CC)(HK) (E)(HK、JP) (E) (A)
1994 Whatever You Want (SC) (CC)    
  Beautician Of The Corpsess (CC) (E)    
  Fatal Encunter (E)      
  Wonder Seven (SC) (E)    
  In The Heat Of Summer (CC)      
  The Most Wanted (E)      
  The Returning (F)      
  God Of Gamblers 2 (F) (E)    
  Cyclo (F)   (F)  
  Stain Steel (SC) (CC)    
  Long & Winding Road (CC) (E)    
  The Final Option (E)   (E) (A)
  Rock N Roll Cop (SC) (CC) (A)  
  A Taste Of Killing And Romance (SC) (E)    
  Drunken Master II (F) (E)    
1993 Moderen Girl (F)      
  Vendetta (CC)      
  Kidnap Of Wong Chak Fai (E)      
  Strike Back (CC) (A) (F) (E)
  Sting Of Scorpion (SC) (CC)    
  Ms Butterfly (E) (A)    
  The Underground Banker (F)      
  The Tiger’s Legend Of Canton (F)      
  The Eight Hilarious Gods (F)      
  Angel Of The Road (F) (E)    
  Bogus Cops (CC) (F) (E) (A)
  The Untold Story (SC) (CC)    
  Incorruptibles (F)      
  Hero Of Hong Kong 1949 (CC)      
  The Fire Shot (CC) (F)    
  Holy Weapon (CC)      
  The Heroic Trio (F)      
  The Bride with White Hair II (CC)      
  Boys Are Easy (F)      
  Future Cops (CC)      
  A Moment Of Romance II (CC)      
  Project S (CC)   (A)  
  Crime Story (CC) (E) (E)  
1992 Forced Nightmare (CC) (F)    
  To Miss With Love (F)      
  Once A Back Sheep (E)      
  Truant Heroes (E)      
  Sister In Law (E)      
  My wife’s Lover (E)      
  A Kid From Tibet (SC)      
  Erotic Ghost Story III (CC) (E)    
  The Cat (F)      
  Shotgun And Little Kitchen (F)      
  Fun and Fury (F)   (E)  
  Arrest The Restless (CC) (F)    
  Swordsman II (CC)      
  The Shot Out (F)      
  The Moon Warriors (CC) (E)    
  The Prince Of Temple Street (F)   (E)  
  Saviour Of The Soul II (CC) (F)    
  Now You See Love, Now You Don’t (E)      
  Full Contact (CC)      
  The Twin Dragons (E)      
  Hard Boiled (E)   (E)  
  Police Story III Super Cop (CC) (F) (E)  
1991 Mainland Dundee (CC) (F)    
  Today’s Hero (E)      
  Mission Of Condor (E)      
  The Roar Of The Vietnamese (CC)      
  Queen’s High (E)      
  Ghost for Sale (CC) (E)    
  The Blue Jean Monster (E)   (E)  
  Fatal Mission (CC) (F) (E)  
  Running On Empty (CC) (F)    
  Deadly Deel (CC) (E)    
  Blue Lighting (CC) (E)    
  The Godfather’s Daughter Mafia Blues (CC)      
  Angry Ranger (CC) (E) (E)  
  Retreat Of The Godfather (CC) (F)    
  The Real Me (CC) (E)    
  First Of Fury 1991 (E)      
  An Eternal Combat (E)      
  To Be Number One (CC) (E) (E)  
  A Chinese Ghost Story III (CC) (F)    
  Once Upon A Time In China (F)      
  Don’t Fool Me (F)   (A)  
  Saviour Of The Soul (CC) (E)    
  Once A Thief (E) (F) (E)  
1990 Here Comes A Vampire (CC) (F)    
  Demoness From Thousand Years (F)      
  The Big Score (E)      
  Raid On Royal Casino Marine (F)      
  Front Page (E)      
  A Bite Of Love (CC) (E)    
  Licence To Steel (CC) (E)    
  Robotrix (CC)   (F)  
  Point Of Return (CC) (E)    
  Swordsman (CC)      
  Sunshine Friends (F)      
  The Other Half (E)      
  Tiger On The Beat II (F)      
  Undeclared War (E)      
  When Fortune Smile (E)      
  My Hero (F)      
  Family Honor (CC)      
  Chicken A La Queen (CC) (F)    
  The Spooky Family (E)      
  Rebel From China (E)      
  Return To Action (CC)      
  Spy Game (CC)      
  Widow Warriors (CC)      
  Unmatchable Match (CC) (E)    
  A Moment Of Romance (CC) (E)    
  Bullet In The Head (CC) (E)    
1989 Into The Fire (CC)      
  Princess Madam (CC)   (E)  
  Carry On Yakuza (CC) (F)    
  Excuse Me Please (F)      
  My Heart Is That Eternal Love (CC) (F)    
  Close Escape (F)      
  Missing Man (CC) (E)    
  Run, Don’t Walk (CC)      
  Mr. Sunshine (CC)      
  The Iceman Cometh (CC)      
  Thunder Of Cops II (CC)      
  Eight Tales Of Gold (CC) (F)    
  Burning Ambition (CC)      
  Seven Warriors (CC)      
  Perfect Match (E)      
  Bloody Brotherhood (F)      
  Star And Roses (CC)   (E)  
  The Killer (CC) (F)    
1988 Lady Super Cop (CC)      
  Chicken And Duck Talk (E)      
  The Fatal Love (F)      
  Takes Two To Mingle (CC)      
  Bloodly Of Angel (CC)      
  Edge Of Darkness (CC) (F)    
  Guman (CC) (F)    
  Eagle Project (F)      
  Miss Magic (CC)   (F) (A)
1987 Road Warriors (AAC) (CC)