About Us

The Company

Bruce Law establish Bruce Law Stunts Unlimited since 1987. Since then Law’s unique blend of high impact high octane stunt design has made him one of the most acclaimed and highly sought after stunt coordinator in Hong Kong and has seen him working not only in Hong Kong & China, but in Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and America on local and international projects. Law has set new standards for stunts in Hong Kong & China, by creating innovative techniques and equipment, and embracing digital technology, that has seen him nominated at the acclaimed Hong Kong Film Awards & Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards for his work as Action Director.

Our Service:

Bruce Law Stunts Unlimited serves as a one-stop shop capable of handling full action and stutn choreography, SFX work, equipment and prop fabrication, camera cars, car modification or creation of picture vehicles, grips, rigs and much more.


  • • We are able to integrate a variety of skill sets including action and car stunt design, action and stunt consultation, through SFX equipment fabrication and car modification.
  • • Controlling the workflow from initial design, through construction, staging and shooting directly.
  • • Creating synergy by integrating all the skill sets necessary for planning, production and execution. 


Our People:

We can provide the full range skill set needed in every department, from Director, Action Director, Fight & Stunt choreographers, car stunt drivers, stuntmen, car engineers, mechanics, technicians and pyrotechnic specialists.

From pre-production, shooting to post production we can provide the full range of skill sets in every department.

Our Equipment:

Bruce Law Stunts Unlimited provide a wide range of stunt and filming equipment to assist in production. Amongst the top of the range equipment we can offer you are; Mobile Workshops, a wide variety of Special Effects Equipment including Driving Pods, Cannons, Launchers, Pyrotechnics, and weather effects for Rain, Wind, Fire & Smoke.


We can offer you a number of choices for camera cars including elite, classic, pursuit vehicles as well as Golf Carts, ATV’s, Trailers and Dollys.


As well a wide variety of Grips & Rig mounts, as well as steadicam and Body mounts. And of course we cater for other types of action too including Wirework, Air-Rams, Mini-Tramps, and a very wide range of pads from bodypads upwards.


Owning and maintaining such a wide range of equipment serves as a great resource that helps support our creative action design, and its spectacular outcome.

The resources available to us supports our workload, by offering us a great deal of flexibility and a seamless one stop service.